Still is a Folk’n’Roll band, built on the ashes of Culotte & the Nickers (2008-2015).

Composed of two friends : Culotte (vocals) and Axel (guitar, back vocals),
the duo draws its inspiration from the roots of Rock’n’Roll : from American folk music to punk-hardcore, from blues to Westerns soundtracks, from sweet pop to rusty metal.

Culotte first came to the stage through theater. Her love for writing led her to make it her profession. She writes most of the lyrics and gives the band its sensibility through singing. She radiates emotions which are enhanced by her warm and husky voice.

Axel played in several bands : Statement (punk hardcore),
They Make Money (booty-shake punk), Lyrae (stoner) and still today in Pied Tendre (Rock’n’Bluegrass).
His melodies are both powerful and subtle.

Their last EP (release October 2016) depicts their universe :
a raw and soft music without artifice.
Simply a very sensitive energy.